“Tennis Court Crack – The Riteway Crack Repair System makes the repair! The Copeland Coating Company has been maintaining the six courts at Belvoir Terrace at least thirty years. The courts were built at various times, the oldest in 1954 so over time, there have been cracks in some of the surfaces. Several years ago Steven Hinding, vice president of Copeland, asked if Belvoir would be a trial for the Riteway Crack Repair System on our oldest courts. Carvin Pallenberg, one of the owners of the company, was on site and personally installed the product and trained the Copeland workers. That court, and all our courts have done extremely well with the Riteway Crack Repair System as handled by the Copeland Coating Company.

This winter was particularly difficult with the extreme cold and thaws so the courts suffered some new cracks over the winter. Copeland will apply the RiteWay System this month and we anticipate excellent results.

With the system, old cracks stay corrected and new cracks and imperfections can be repaired. Belvoir Terrace is pleased with the work of the Copeland Coating Company and their use of the Riteway Crack Repair System on our tennis courts.”

Nancy S. Goldberg
Belvoir Terrace — click here to see the letter (pdf)

“Over the last three years, L&M Distribution has been distributing the RiteWay crack repair system to contractors throughout California. The feedback from these “Signature Tennis Courts has used several of the other permanent crack repair systems on the market. The RiteWay system is by far the BEST from a playability standpoint, and is the most complete from a contractor’s standpoint.”

Mike Imbornone
Signature Tennis Courts

“Over the last three years, L&M Distribution has been distributing the RiteWay crack repair system to contractors throughout California. The feedback from these contractors has been most positive. Moving forward, the true testimonial to this crack repair system is the success and durability of this product. Being the exclusive distributor in California for ‘Nova Acrylics’ means we sell only quality materials and products, and are pleased to include RiteWay as a positive addition.”

Mark Stephens, Owner/President
L & M

“We’ve been in the business for 27 years, and have used just about all the crack repair systems available. We’ve found the RiteWay crack repair to be a consistently reliable product, the best on the market. One of the greatest advantages of using this system is that there are no hollow spots. We believe we were on of the first contractors to use RiteWay in this area, and even the courts done years ago are still looking great. It’s been used in places with harsh winter freeze and thaws, as well as intense heat. We’ve used RiteWay on club, private residence, college, and high school tennis courts all over Northern California, with great success and satisfied customers. Customers include Gold River Racquet Club, Rio Del Oro, Broadstone, Laguna Creek Racquet Club, Moraga Country Club, Del Rio Country Club, Lake Almanor Country Club, and Colfax High.”

Bruce Sheldon
Tennis Court Specialists

“We decided two years ago to try the RiteWay System and compare it to other systems in both installation and performance. Our installers were pleased with several aspects: first, once the initial tape is down, the crack is water-proofed and even if it rains it will not harm the integrity of the system. Secondly, once the crack is filled, leveled and dry, the system allows for continuous application from start to finish. We now prefer this system and install it exclusively on all structural cracks. The performance of the material over a 2-year period has been excellent. We also enjoy informative technical advice and timely delivery!”

David D. Moore
Cape & Island Tennis & Track

“Vermont Recreational has been addressing the repair of structural cracks on outdoor recreation courts for over 23 years and I have never had as much success in repairing and eliminating cracks before I started using RiteWay Crack Repair System. It is by far the easiest application and most durable of any membrane crack repair system on the market that I am aware of. RiteWay has helped Vermont Recreation stay a step ahead of our competition.”

Stephen Shattuck, Owner/President
Vermont Recreational Surfacing & Fencing, Inc.

“I’ve been in the Paving and Tennis Industry for 44 years and I have been saying the same thing over and over again. ‘There is nothing that will fix cracks permanently; they’ll be back next year.’ That is before we started selling RiteWay. We now have 10 or 12 contractors who use RiteWay, some for 4 or 5 years, and I have not seen a failure yet. I’m amazed by this product. Keep up the good work!

Bill Walsh
Velvetop Products

As Trevor Short, General Manager of Racquet Club of the South says, “We chose the RiteWay system for our stadium court because the USTA highly recommends it for its supreme playability.”