ASBA Award

American Sports Builders Association

Clay W. & Lynn B. Hamlin Tennis Center at Penn Park Philadelphia, PA

The American Sports Builders Association selected the Clay W. & Lynn B. Hamlin Tennis Center at Penn Park in Philadelphia, PA for the Outstanding Outdoor Tennis Facility of the Year Award. The 24-acre Penn Park is located on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania.

During production, the tennis courts built were concrete (post tension), and cracked within two weeks of construction. RiteWay was brought in to see what could be done to fix the court cracks in order to complete the project. The RiteWay Crack Repair System was used to repair the 900 l.f. of court cracks and make the courts tournament quality playable – meaning no bubbles, no dead spots, and no hollow sounds.

The Hamlin Tennis Center was a multi-million dollar project and RiteWay played a key part in the completion of this award winning facility.

RiteWay utilizes a micro-technology that allows existing cracks on your court to move without breaking the membrane of this system. RiteWay Crack Repair not only keeps cracks from coming back, but its micro-technology does not have any dead spots, hollow sounds or bubbling. RiteWay even offers a 2-year warranty on existing cracks from returning.

Contractors throughout the country use the RiteWay system to repair court cracks. No other overlay system can give you the RiteWay results or guarantee.